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Chinese Health Foods

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Western nutritionist are frequently turning east for tips on healthy eating. As we enter the new year, we review some of the potential health benefits of the well-publicised foods as well as introduce some foods that may be on the nutritionists’ radars in the future.

The Chinese Kitchen Cupboard

Light Soy Sauce

If you are a novice to Chinese cuisine or cooking Chinese food, this article provides an insight into the basic Chinese kitchen cupboard. There is a collection of ingredients that may be found in all Chinese kitchens. These ingredients are described in this article as well as examples on how they are typically used.


Chinese Cooking Utensils

Carbon Steel Wok

There are just some utensils and pieces of cookware that no oriental kitchen is without. This article explores the various implements and cookware that you are likely to find in a Chinese kitchen and provides tips on how to use them.

How to season a wok

Carbon Steel Wok

The wok is an integral part of Chinese cooking. Woks are used for stir frying, deep-fat frying, boiling and steaming; its many functions belying its simple design. This article introduces the wok and offers recommendations on how to season and care for it.


Introduction to oriental herbs

Thai Sweet Basil

This is a brief introduction to herbs commonly used in oriental cuisine. Herbs play a very important role in oriental cooking, imparting their distinct flavours in various combinations to form the basis of many dishes…

Introduction to choi (Chinese greens)

Pak Choi

Have you ever wondered what those mysterious Chinese vegetables were? Perhaps you want to know what the difference is between pak choi and green pak choi? In this article, we’ll have a look at some of the more common varieties of ‘Choi’, their flavour and cooking characteristics.