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Dim Sum – Dishes that touch the heart

Siu mai pork dumplings

Dim sum are a wide range of small dishes, with each piece of dim sum making up a small morsel that will ‘touch the heart’. We’ve compiled a list of a few of the usual suspects, as well as some of our favourites!


Dim Sum Food Tasting, March 2008.

Wor Tip fried dumplings

How lucky we all were on 9th March 2008 when Superior Foods and Advance Food Ltd came in to offer customers a double whammy of food tastings.

Dim Sum And Pork/Beef Jerky Food Tasting

Har Gao Shrimp Dumplings

On Sunday 9th March, Wai Yee Hong will be hosting a dim sum and pork/beef jerk tasting event, courtesy of Superior Food and Advance Food Ltd. Come in-store to have a taste for yourself!