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Yusheng – Chinese New Year

Yusheng for Chinese New Year

Yusheng is a raw fish salad comprising of shredded vegetables, fruit, various condiments and strips of raw fish. The dish has been popularised as a cultural activity to celebrate Chinese New Year in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.


Jamie Magazine Feb 2015

Jamie Magazine February 2015

We are delighted to be included in Jamie Magazine as a site worth looking at for Oriental supplies. WaiYeeHong.com was listed alongside Yang Sing restaurant, and School of Wok cookery school.

Piglet Biscuits, Jue Zai Beng – 豬仔餅

Sweet Piglet Biscuits

Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching. Every year, Mooncakes get all the glory, and we don’t think that’s fair! This is why we feel it’s about time we introduced you to ‘Piglet Biscuits’.


alittlebristol – January 2014

Traditional Chinese Lion Dance

What happened when popular Bristol-based blog A Little Bristol asked us what we did for Chinese New Year? Check out our interview with them!

Festival Food – Mooncakes

Traditional Chinese Mooncake

Mooncakes are traditional pastries filled with sweetened lotus seed paste which are usually eaten during the Mid Autumn Festival. Read this article to learn more about this Chinese delicacy and the legend of how Mooncakes helped the Chinese overthrow Mongol rule.


Mooncakes In Stock Now!

Traditional Chinese Mooncake

We’re pleased to announce that Mooncakes are back in stock for this year! Mooncakes are a traditional festival food which are eaten as part of the Mid Autumn Festival, sometimes called Mooncake Day or the Moon Festival.

Festival Food – Zongzi

Zongzi Chinese Rice Dumpling

Zongzi are traditional rice parcels which are usually eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival (‘The Double Fifth’). Read this article to learn more about this Chinese delicacy and the legend of Qu Yuan.