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New Products Online – 03-Oct-14

Deli Coco Coconut Chunks (Original)

We’ve continued to add more new products to our online store. As is the case every time we add new stock, there are some additions that catch our eye…


Brand Spotlight – Deli Coco

Deli Coco Coconut Chunks (Original)

We take a look at Deli Coco Coconut Chunks; made from fresh coconut, and baked instead of fried, they are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and free from MSG too!

New Products Online – 09-Sep-14

Spring Roll Pastry

In the last few weeks, we’ve added over 100 new products to our online store. These include more frozen dumplings and fishballs for our Local Delivery customers, and Miaow Miaow snacks.


New Products Online – 12-Aug-14

We’re always adding dozens of new things to our online store every month. Here’s a closer look at some of the new products that have arrived this week.

Malay-English Food Glossary

Assorted Spices and Herbs

Have you ever wondered what lengkuas was? Don’t know your belacan from your bawang? Don’t worry! Hopefully this Malay food glossary will help you get the most our of your recipes!


Introduction to oriental herbs

Thai Sweet Basil

This is a brief introduction to herbs commonly used in oriental cuisine. Herbs play a very important role in oriental cooking, imparting their distinct flavours in various combinations to form the basis of many dishes…

Introduction to choi (Chinese greens)

Pak Choi

Have you ever wondered what those mysterious Chinese vegetables were? Perhaps you want to know what the difference is between pak choi and green pak choi? In this article, we’ll have a look at some of the more common varieties of ‘Choi’, their flavour and cooking characteristics.