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Bristol Evening Post 14-Aug-07

Bristol Chinese Community

The Eastgate Oriental City complex and Wai Yee Hong, and the role they play for Bristol’s Chinese community are discussed in an interview with Allan Tan:

“For years, Bristol’s Chinese community has been lacking a hub for business. Despite scores of thriving firms stretching across Bristol, there has not been a focus for the Chinese population. The opening of Eastgate Oriental City last month is expected to change all that.”


Bristol Evening Post 14-Aug-07 (Water Sky)

Water Sky Chinese Restaurant

The Eastgate Oriental City complex and Wai Yee Hong are mentioned in an article about the opening day for Water Sky Chinese Restaurant:

“…The development is the brainchild of brothers-in-law Alan Tan and Raymond Chow, who ran their Wai Yee Hong cash and carry for 20 years in Station Road, Montpelier.”

Bristol Evening Post Letter 13-Jul-07

Wai Yee Hong Lion Dance

“Having attended the opening of the Chinese supermarket in Eastville at the weekend, we found the whole spectacle absolutely fantastic. The entertainment lasted for quite a few hours and was superb… “


Bristol Evening Post – 09-Jul-07

Bristol Evening Post - July 2007

Press cutting press about the opening day from 9 July 2007 Bristol Evening Post.

"Super opening: Dancers and a giant dragon helped mark the opening of a Chinese supermarket in Eastville yesterday…"