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BBQ Chicken Skewers with Jimmy’s Sate Sauce

Jimmy's Sate Sauce

Jimmy’s Saté Sauce is a popular sauce used in many Chinese kitchen. This is a tasty recipe for BBQ Chicken Skewers, which makes a perfect meal for barbecue season!


Black Fungus Salad (香菜木耳)

Black Fungus Salad

This salad is just as much about texture, as it is about the fresh, zingy flavours of coriander and chilli. While it may look slimy, the wood ear fungus is actually crunchy and fresh.

Ming Foods Tastings 23-24 May 2015

Ming Foods Logo

Ming Foods are in-store on 23 & 24 May 2015 to give you a taste of their delicious wraps. They have lots of great ideas of how to enjoy their pancakes other than with crispy duck, so come down for recipe ideas!


Tsumetai Niku Soba

A refreshing dish of cold noodles and toppings enjoyed by dunking them into a dipping sauce to create a delicious meal. Ideal for summertime.

Product Spotlight – MasFood White Curry Noodles

MasFood White Curry Noodles

Sometimes, all you can manage is an instant noodle, but why not ‘pimp it up’ to make a proper meal? These MasFood White curry noodles are great for a flavoursome meal for the mid-week slump!


Telegraph, Sept 2014 – Salmagundi

Telegraph logo

We were delighted to discover that Wai Yee Hong got a little name-check when our friend’s book, Salmagundi was recently reviewed in The Telegraph.

Daifukumochi Soft Rice Cakes

Daifukumochi Soft Rice Cakes

Everyone has been asking for the recipe for the delicious-looking mochi that were posted on our Facebook wall, and we’ve finally managed to get hold of it from our kind friend!


Vegetarian Chow Mein

Vegetarian Chow Mein

A quick and simple dish that can be prepared for the whole family in a matter of minutes! Spice it up with some chilli, or add your own variations of meat and vegetables.


Twice-Cooked Pork

Twice-Cooked Pork

This traditional Chinese dish is simple but very tasty and healthy. The mixture of crushed yellow bean and sweet bean paste give the pork a delicious sweet flavour.