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New Products Online – 27-Nov-15

Crown Sando Biscuits Strawberry Cream Cheese)

What’s new? We have dozens of new lines added to our store and we think you might like the look of some of them. Let’s have a look at some of our favourites, shall we?


New Products Online – 30-Sep-15

Clever Mama Jelly Cup

With over 100 new products added to our online store this month, we’re pretty certain you’ll find something you like. Jellies, sushi wrappers and pickling base are among our favourite new additions.

New Products Online – 04-Sep-15

Golden Sail White Tea

From Banana Milk, to Sichuan Noodles, we have something for everyone in the latest batch of new additions to our online store. Take a look at our top picks.


Lao Gan Ma & Hong Dumplings – 5 Sept 2015

Lao Gan Ma

We’re excited to have a joint food tasting arranged for Saturday 5th September 2015. Come in-store to taste Hong Dumplings, and Lao Gan Ma Chilli Sauces.

Lao Gan Ma – China’s Chilli Sauce

Lao Gan Ma

The origin of Lao Gan Ma is a real rags-to riches story, with the company’s founder Tao Huabi bearing many hardships and challenges on her way to becoming one of the most famous faces in China.


New Products Online – 06-Aug-15

Durian Candy

It’s always exciting when we receive new products, and we love to get them on the shelves as quickly as possible. Here are our picks of the new arrivals for August.

New Products Online – 04-Jun-15

YuMei Lotus Roots With Chilli

We’ve been overcome by the number of new lines we’ve seen in the store over the last few weeks. We almost can’t keep up! Here are our favourites from the latest batch of new products we’ve added to our online store.


New Products Online – 21-May-15

Boro Kuih Bakit

Loads of new products uploaded to our online store! Mamee Monster, Instant Miso Soup, Taro Chips and Kuih Bankit are some of our staff picks this month!

New Products Online – 13-Apr-15

Chinatown Kitchen

We can’t wait to share the newest additions to our product range with you! Dozens of new products are added to our online store each month, so you can always enjoy something new when shopping with us!


Product Spotlight – MasFood White Curry Noodles

MasFood White Curry Noodles

Sometimes, all you can manage is an instant noodle, but why not ‘pimp it up’ to make a proper meal? These MasFood White curry noodles are great for a flavoursome meal for the mid-week slump!