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Christmas at Wai Yee HongWe’ve waited as long as we can; we promise! It’s finally time to acknowledge that Christmas will be soon upon us! So, if you are stuck for some ideas about what to get your loved ones for Christmas, perhaps we can give you a few ideas:


Chinese Ingredients Collection

Have a budding chef in the family? Perhaps they would enjoy experimenting with Oriental cuisine! Why not buy a collection of Chinese ingredients to bring authenticity to their stir fries, and beautiful spice and aroma to their cooking? For an idea of the basics, take a look at our ‘The Chinese Kitchen Cupboard’ article, or start with the ingredients recommended by Chinese Food In Minutes. We also have a great range of Thai curry pastes and cooking sauces for food with a little more spice!


Hot! Hot! Hot!

Why not spice up their Christmas, by giving the gift of CHILLI?!?! We have a great selection of spicy chilli products that would make any tongue tingle! We’d suggest:

For a slightly different take on this, you can try a WASABI themed Christmas present!


Snack Pack

Do you know someone who is always raiding the biscuit jar? Perhaps they would like to try something new… WaiYeeHong.com recommends:


Lucky Cat Gift Shop

Alternatively, a wide range of beautiful Oriental gifts may be purchased from Lucky Cat Gift Shop. Here are a few of our favourite items:

Waving Lucky Fortune Cat(Maneki Neko)

This battery powered Lucky Cat is in a golden finish with cute collar and bell and a green bib. The cat comes with a collection of small scrolls that can be stuck to its waving paw, as well as a few scrolls that can be personalised.


Brocade Purse With Zip

This delicate brocade purse comes with a zip fastening. The purses feature either a chinese coin or cloisonne bead and tassels on the zip fastening and come in a wide variety of colours and fabric patterns. Perfect for use a small make-up bag, purse or bag to store jewellery, these pretty purses will add a bit of luxury to everyday life, whatever you use them for!


Japanese Kokeshi Doll Keyring (Key Ring)

Bring simple but snazzy Japanese style to your keys with this cute Kokeshi Doll Keyring! Made from wood, these brightly coloured keyrings shrink the Kokeshi Doll style down to pocket-size so that they may guard over your keys or just look great hooked onto a bag!


Facet Round Crystal Stand With Happiness Character

This beautiful crystal-like stand is round shaped and features the Chinese character for Happiness. The ornament is made from glass and is multi-faceted to maximise light reflection and refraction. The Chinese charcter ‘Fu’ can also have an alternative meaning of ‘Blessing’.

Lucky Cat Gift Shop - Beautiful Gifts, Oriental Twist

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