Wai Yee Hong Shuttle Bus Service!

Wai Yee Hong Shuttle BusAttention! Uni students in Bristol! Why not make use of our new FREE shuttle bus service? THE TRIAL OF THIS SERVICE HAS NOW FINISHED. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this service, please contact us. As ever, we are still offering FREE local delivery for online orders.

We shall be trialling a monthly shuttle bus service over the next few months. The bus will run on the second weekend of each month, with dates of the next bus services listed on this page. Our shuttle bus service is open to students with a valid student card so please have your student ID ready before boarding!

We are taking bookings for:

  • Saturday, 14th January 2012 – UWE, UNITE House
  • Sunday, 15th January 2012 – Tyndall’s Park Rd, Montague St, UNITE House

To book your seat, please call us on 0845 873 3388. Each person may book up to 4 spaces, all passengers must be able to produce valid student ID.

Rules of our bus service:

  1. This service is open to students with a valid university student card. You will be required to show your ID before boarding.
  2. No valid student ID? No ride. No exceptions.
  3. Our shuttle bus will not wait for individuals. Please ensure that you are there with plenty of time to spare.
  4. Seats will be assigned ‘first-come-first-served’.
  5. Please, no smoking, eating or drinking on the bus.

Our Bus Stops

Please note that some of our bus stops have moved!
The shuttle bus service runs to 4 bus stops:

Stop 1 – UWE – Saturday Only
UWE Frenchay Campus – Parking area outside of cemetery. Opposite side of road from UWE main campus.

  UWE, Saturday
Run 1 10:56
Run 2 11:56
Run 3 12:56
Run 4 14:26
Run 5 15:26
Run 6 16:26
No Pick-up 17:24


Stop 2 – UNITE House – Saturday & Sunday
Outside UNITE House student halls, Frogmore Street.

  UNITE, Saturday UNITE, Sunday
Run 1 11:25 11:10
Run 2 12:25 12:25
Run 3 13:25 13:40
Run 4 14:55 15:25
Run 5 15:55 16:40
Run 6 16:55  
No Pick-up 17:50 17:48


Stop 3 – SUBWAY Sandwich shop – Sunday Only
Montague Street – Street behind Blenheim Court Student Accomodation and Subway sandwich shop.

  SUBWAY, Sunday
Run 1 10:44
Run 2 11:59
Run 3 13:14
Run 4 14:59
Run 5 16:14
No Pick-up 17:10


Stop 4 – Tyndall’s Park Road – Sunday Only
Outside ’34 Social Sciences & Law’, at the corner of Woodland Road and Tyndall’s Park Road.

  Tyndall’s Park Road, Sunday
Run 1 10:34
Run 2 11:49
Run 3 13:04
Run 4 14:49
Run 5 16:04
No Pick-up 17:17


We anticipate that this service will be very popular, so please book your slot with us right away! When you call, please let us know which ‘run’ you want to book for, and your stop (only inbound journeys may be booked).

Call us today on 0845 873 3388 (lines open 10:30am-6pm). Each person may book up to 4 spaces, all passengers must be able to produce valid student ID.

FREE Local Delivery from WaiYeeHong.com!

Can’t make the bus? No worries! WaiYeeHong.com are pleased to announce that, we are now offering a FREE* ‘local delivery service’ to addresses within 3 miles of our store. Don’t know if your address counts? Click here to check whether your delivery address is within 3 miles.

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*For more details, please see our Shipping and Returns Page.


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