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Yaki Nori (Sushi Seaweed) (紫菜)

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Description:Roasted Sea Laver
25g (10 sheets x 2.5g)

Sushi Su:
1/2 cup of su (rice vinegar), 4 tbsp of sugar, 1 1/2 tsp of salt
Mix above ingredients together. Transfer the freshly cooked rice to a large bowl and sprinkle Sushi Su over the rice, mixing gently while fanning

How To Make 'Temaki-Sushi'
On the half cut sushi nori, spread proper amount of sushi rice (about 2)
spoonfuls) and place tane (sliced takuan, cucumber and/or egg) over the centre of rice and roll into a cone shape.

How To Roll Sushi:
3 eggs, 2 medium cucumber, 1 pc (about 8 oz) takuan (pickled radish), 3 pcs of imitation crab meat sticks
Cooking Instructions:
Knead eggs well and pour into an oiled hot pan to be 1/2 inch thick and sift salt. Cook turning over on low heat and cool. Cut cooked eggs, cucumber, takuan and crab meat sticks into slices. Place 1 sheet of A+ laver (sushi nori) on a bamboo sushi mat and spread 1 cup of cooked rice evenly over the laver. Place other ingredients in a line in the centre and roll. Slice 1 inch thickness with a moistened knife

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